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Do you need more Leads and Sales?
Would you like to break into a new kind of advertising?
Tired of paying for expensive PPC?
Do you just want to see an actual return on your ad spend (ROAS)?

Then the Video Power Lab was made for YOU.

What’s Included?

Lifetime Lab Access

Step-By Step Video Tutorials

Downloadable Tools & Checklists

Exclusive Lab Hangouts

Membership In Our Private Facebook Group

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Foundation of Success

  • Learn our YouTube Ads ROI Blueprint
  • Identify Desired Results, Product Offer & Audience
  • Conduct Targeted Research
    (Get inside the head of your audience)

Adwords Account Setup

  • How to Link YouTube Channel and Analytics Account
  • How to Setup Conversion Tracking to Track Performance
  • How to Create Remarketing List

Creating Videos That Move People

  • Our Video Ad Formula to Capture Attention, Drives Traffic and Get Conversions
  • How to Shoot Simple & Effective Videos
  • Which types of videos to create for your audience

TrueView Campaign Setup & Organization

  • Best Way to Setup and Structure Your Video Campaigns & Target Groups
  • Which types of Targeting to use for specific Video Ads
  • How to Best Setup In-Stream & In-Display Video Ads

YouTube Channel Setup / Optimization

  • The Best Way to Setup & Optimize Your Y ouTube Channel.
  • Associate your Website and Link to Adwords
  • How to Optimize Your Video Ads

TrueView Campaign Optimization

  • Know which metrics to measure and adjust to improve performance.
  • How to optimize ads and targets to get conversions fast
  • How to scale ad spend while maintaining cost per conversion

Exclusive Lab Hangouts

Occasionally we host a business expert to educate our followers via Google Hangouts regarding their own services.

Subjects include Video Editing Tips, Accounting for Entrepreneurs, Automated Marketing, Sales Strategy… anything that helps our members advance their business dreams & goals.

These Hangouts are only publicly available for a few days but then are uploaded exclusively to the Video Power Lab for our members. That way, you have a whole library of video trainings to learn from at any time.





The ROI Calculator

Of the many tools we offer in the Video Power Lab, this is one of our most popular.

The ROI Calculator will help you determine if your campaign will be successful or not BEFORE you even start spending money on it!
Just plug in your numbers on the left hand side, and the Calculator provides you with how many views you’ll get, customers you can gain, what your ROI could be, and more!

John Lee Dumas of EntrepreneurOnFire here.

When you have a flagship community such as Podcasters’ Paradise, the one major issue is getting the word out, and getting in front of not just enough people, but the RIGHT people. Working with Jake at Video Power Marketing…I was able to get in front of the RIGHT people, and the conversions were incredible. Jake and his team have their systems down pat, from step one to conversions, and it was a true pleasure working with them! IGNITE!”
John Lee Dumas

Host of Entrepreneur on Fire

I just got off the phone with Jake Larsen and I’m completely shocked.

In an hour he delivered what hours & hours of studying and thousands of dollars spent on YouTube Ads courses couldn’t. Talk to him for 5 minutes and you’ll see he’s got his shit together and he’s a true master of his craft. Couldn’t recommend Jake highly enough. Thanks brother!Really one of the best consulting calls I’ve had — if not the best one”
Peter Szabo

Agency Owner

The way that I found Jake is I was actually doing research on this particular subject and I saw his ad.

I said, ‘Dang, that’s a good ad. This guy knows what he’s doing.’ So I bought his products that he had at the time, signed up for his list, and finally emailed him and said, ‘Man, we gotta get you to come out and talk about YouTube advertising cause it’s an under discussed subject and you know what you are doing.’ Jake Larsen is a YouTube ambassador. He also does his own consulting and training when it comes to this particular subject so you guys could not be in better hands.”
ryan deiss
Ryan Deiss

Founder of Digital Marketer

We’ve really enjoyed working with Jake and the team at Video Power over the last few months!

They were very helpful in getting us setup to start optimizing our current YouTube videos and bring in a new revenue stream through our Paid Search spend. We were getting positive ROI results within weeks of working together. YouTube is the next big thing in PPC and Video Power can really help get you started.”
Kevin Gavine

Senior Product Manager of Ecommerce at Corel Corp.

It’s rare to find people who actually know what they’re talking about.

Over the years we’ve spent countless hours and thousands of dollars on marketing so we wouldn’t consider ourselves new to online advertising and at this point it’s hard to impress us … but that’s what Jake and his team have done. We’re impressed with these guys – they act quickly, follow through on their promises and deliver results. We would highly recommend them to our closest friends.”
Tom Karadza

Co-Founder of Rock Star Real Estate Inc.

Jake and the Video Power team know their stuff.

As a former Googler and serious YouTube advertiser, not many people teach me something new about YouTube… Jake did. They’ve perfected the art AND science of video advertising, you’re in good hands.”
John Belcher

Founder of Enduring Marketing

Jake and his team are awesome!

I was worried going in that I would not get the conversions that I needed from YouTube but after applying what Jake teaches my ads are getting better conversions than I thought. Every penny saved on conversions means dollars in my pocket. YouTube seemed difficult at first but after dedicating just a little bit of time, I was up and running and feeling confident. If you need high quality conversions Jake and his team have some tricks up their sleeves that will blow you away.”
Josh Rossi


Jake is an expert in his field. He manages YouTube ads.

I hired him and he walked me through the process as a first-timer. Would recommend Jake to anyone wanting to bring in more leads through YouTube ads.”
Kim Flynn

Founder of Kim Flynn Consulting

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This guarantee eliminates all risk on your end so you have nothing to worry about. You can rest easy knowing that you’re safe and protected with your investment. And it is an investment; spending money knowing that it will result in more money in the future.

Hurry! This offer for $100 off expires in:

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