Learn The 7-Figure YouTube Ad Formula That Helps You Build Your Brand, Generate Leads, and Drive Sales.

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  • Over 7 years of experience with YouTube Ads
  • Managing more than $30M dollars in spend
  • Having launched over 7000 campaigns
  • For more than 100 different brands

All of this experience has helped us create a proven framework and process for launching profitable YouTube Ads.

We’re sharing our formula with you so you can start transforming your business with YouTube Ads right now.

What Others Are Saying About Video Power Marketing:

Mike Quist: Stone Coat Countertops
They have saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars!”

Billy Gene: Billy Gene Is Marketing 
“We spent $25k on YouTube in the first month and turned it into $100k+.”

Dr. Angela Lauria: The Author Incubator
“We have twice the number of clients now than we did before we started working with them and we’re spending half as much on advertising.”

Dan Martell: Saas Academy
“They continue to blow my mind with their advanced strategies for targeting and audience assessment and really building my email list in a very profitable way.”

Mariah Coz: MariahCoz.com
“They’ve been able to run very profitable ads for me and my business.”

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi, NMD: Fit Father Project
“We’ve grown our channel by over 100,000 subscribers… we’ve also generated over 50,000 new leads to our email list and that’s translated to literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in new program sales for us.”

Jake and the Video Power team know their stuff. As a former Googler and serious YouTube advertiser, not many people teach me something new about YouTube…Jake did. They’ve perfected the art AND science of video advertising, you’re in good hands.
John Belcher
Founder of Enduring Marketing